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8th May How to protect journalists? An assessment in the Rome town hall - First results of the Ossigeno-Agcom seminar, under the patronage of UNESCO in collaboration with the NGO Lazio, attended by 220 journalists.
8th May Spampinato – Attacks on journalists are a permanent problem -   The data from Agcom and Ossigeno which are complementary indicate that it is not an emergency. Our pioneering experience is the most advanced in Europe, pre-dates what the European Parliament and other institutions hope for.
3rd May Homage at the House of Jazz paid to mafia victims and journalists killed - Representatives of institutions and journalists were united on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day. A sober and meaningful meeting. Homage paid at the Muro della Legalità.


threatened journalists in Italy
What happens in the other countries?
How can we know it?


(last update: 30 april 2018)

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